Wedding Bliss

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Description: A man wearing a tux came out and Levi and I were just minding our biz walking along beach side, not actively MILFhunting, when a limousine pulled along beside us and offered up his wife . We both believed it was a joke either of us was playing on one another. He presented himself Stepphanie, and his wifey. It appeared whore desired one last fling before tying the-knot and this sap was more than willing to give it to her. Something he'd shortly repent. Levi made her leave behind about her ceremony which slut was not no doubt early for and put it on her fast and hard. That scanty schmuck got precisely what he deserved and now he has to think about his MUMMY bride's face when he leans in for the smooch at the end of the vows, covered in gook.
Models: Stepphanie