We fucked in his bathroom

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Description: I will be constantly bumping into these men who look like they don't go at campus. Hispanic, inked up, very drug-dealer looking. And they always approach me almost as if I am being looked for by them. I don't understand. Well here's certainly one of those men. I was in the courtyard studying when this guy commenced hitting on me and came up to me. He was fairly sleek compared to many the lads on campus which also makes me suspicious that he is not a student. Properly after he was done salivating his game, many of which was unnecessary witnessing as I was searching for a reason to just take a break from your publications he took me back to his location which low was no where near campus. We just made one pit stop by my room to pick up my cam which he clearly had no trouble with. We fucked in his bathroom. I was quite struck with this boy. I think from the ejaculation two times which does not occur for me normally as it used to. I believe so that I must have indeed like that one I also got his number.
Models: Nikki Price