Uber-cute dark-haired babe gets banged on a shore

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Description: Welcome once again to Money Talks yearly spring break coverage. This week we travel down to Mexico that is outrageous and mad looking for some hot spring action. First up become our very own body shot and we persuade a hot little blond with a flawless rack that is little to get ate up. Then we do the unthinkable... We actually found a spring breaker loony enough to stick a hot chile habanero in his behind and then consume it. Before girl pushed it in there too bad he didnt know that Mayhem bit the tip off. After that we now have a no holds barred full contact game of football that was stripped to the waist. For our last stunt we actually ran into a Money Talks watcher that was loyal who are a real devotee to disappoint, and who was willing to do essentially anything for money. So we'd him get down on all fours and Havoc punched at him in his huevos. We love jogging uproarious tad here on the show but a break upgrade wouldnt be accomplish if we didnt locate a minumum of one smoking hot school coed willing to take things to the following degree. Her name is Scarlett and girl made our entire trip worth while. Every thing you're about to observe is not fully unreal.
Models: Scarlett