The teenage teacher

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Description: Together with the hubby away, the mommy will perform. Babe got her boy-toy to come over, but Molly, his gf, got some intel though. Molly got pissed when her guy strung up up on her because whore phoned him to find out where he was and why his car was in front of Mrs. Fisher's palace. Molly went over Mrs. Fisher's mansion to investigate. Babe sneaked in in the side entrance and found her beau ballsack deep in Mrs. Fisher's face. It was nearly blew up into a cat-fight, but Mrs. Fisher took care of biz and instructed Molly a lesson or two about man pleasing and gash eating. Chad was stoked because he got the very best of it. Big titties and tight cooter that is youthfull. The best part was when he filled Mrs. Fisher's poon up with some milky gold and Molly tongued it up.