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Description: I was watching this gal. Her best friend Sam wished to set a surprise party for my nymph up. Sam made plans to talk over the details of the celebration. I showed up and Sam did not have precisely the same plan as I did. Sam wished to have a bash, but not for my female. Because my girlfriend was pissing off her slut dreamed the soiree in my own pants. Mike desired to some payback and slut was going to get it no matter what. I travelled along with it. Sam had a pretty small puffy gash. It was sweet and not so dirty. I could of eaten her out all day. Slut was loving my pecker as it slipped into her cunny that was soaked. Slut actually let me get a few fingers in her booty while my manstick was poking her stomach. Babe busted on me therefore I 'd to get that slit come again with my fingers and it splattered everywhere. The favor was returned by me and smashed the whole side of her face.
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