Thanks you for this cum on my face

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Description: I was only a little bit confused when these two went thru my doorway, I considered possibly I bit off more than I can chew. I received an email from them asking if they are able to work as a duo in the adult industry. Therefore he was simply sitting there wondering what we were talking about, the guy did not understand much English. To be honest I didn't understand how this one was going to pan out because I thought that Zienab's bf would be jealous of me fucking his gf in front of him... It seems that he enjoys seeing his gf getting fucked by additional folks. He gets off about it. Therefore I asked them to do a little sensual smooching and oral sex before I arrived in and started fucking her in front of her boyfriend. It sensed a bit weird at first having him sitting so close to us seeing me thump his gf more difficult than he actually can. I did perceive like I was stealing something from him so I thought I Had pour the boy a beer... He was loving it out wanking over us, and he also had his manmeat. I soon forgot all about him and when I felt my spunk climbing jizzed around his girlfriends pretty face... It was a casting to reminisce that's for sure.
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