Squirt lessons with Cash Talks

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Description: Another week of moneytalks has arrived. Now Mayhem is searching for a couple ready to take some squirt lessons. We find a few who would like get their squirt on for some money and to return to our classroom around. Mortis is back for another document attempt that is extreme. This time we pay this dude to jump right into a garbage can total of ice. We begun to find that his shriveled member has truly broken an extraordinary record for tiniest dick. Up next we pay them to produce a peanut-butter sandwich using a member and find both of these sweethearts. For the main occasion our crew is draping out at a pub that is local. This duo is here for a drink and we pay the doll to display her boobs to us. To so we make him drink some nasty shit down, her man needs some money. There is no shortage of tits in this bar. Another lil honey comes in and gets paid-for her jug at the same time. For whoever walks in we got loads of cash. That one dude is ready to receive money for a beer tub as well. We should see some actual action. So when this blonde walks into the pub the wad that is actual is brought out by us. We have this babe expose her vagina for the green and show us her breasts. Babe generally seems to enjoy our friend the bartender that is sexy so we come up with all the bright concept of suggesting all the cash we visit those two stunning damsels get it on. We hit on the rear of the club for some solitude and that is where the actual fun starts.
Models: Mercedes Lynn