Sounds of silence

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Description: It’s late at night, and Elle Rose – petite and pretty with long, golden-brown hair, brown eyes and full lips – is sitting on a large couch, elegant in a little black dress. On the table in front of her is a beautiful glass dildo – it’s as much an ornament as it is a sex toy. Elle caresses it then sucks on it, her hand straying between her thighs. She takes off her dress to reveal a black bra and thong, and a tattoo of a red rose. Her bra is soon removed to expose small breasts with stiff, prominent nipples, and then she peels off her thong. She fingers her shaved pussy to get her juices flowing, before playing the tip of the dildo over her clit and sawing the shaft against her slit. Next, she slides it between her tender, fleshy pink lips and inside of her pussy, sighing and with pleasure written all over her face as she pumps it in and out. As her moans get louder, they wake a female neighbor who, irritated rather than turned on, knocks on the dividing wall. Elle isn’t going to let the need for silence spoil her fun but, after failing to quieten her moans with three fingers in her mouth, straps on a leather gag with a black rubber ball between her teeth. She resumes playing with the dildo, fucking herself deeper, harder and faster, her pussy oozing wet as she stirs and grinds the toy inside. The gag makes her drool and she rubs her saliva on her tits. She splays her legs and we’re treated to a close-up of her swollen pussy as she screws herself mercilessly. She moves onto her knees, bending over the back of the couch to flaunt her ass, then reaches back to fuck herself from a new angle, her long hair streaming down her back. As her arousal increases, her cute bare feet kick and flex in response. Close to cumming, she sits down again, reaching around behind one smooth, slender thigh to pound the dildo in and out until she orgasms. As she climaxes, she bites down on the gag, which muffles her moans but does nothing to stifle or disguise her pleasure. She spits out her gag and uses her fingers to wipe her drool on her naked body as she relishes the comedown. Then she walks out of the room, leaving the dildo on the couch.
Models: Rose