Sexy Workout

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Description: While the weather is still nice out, we had to check out the park. There are usually gals out, so we just strung up out for a while. We got some smiles from a couple lovelies as they went past us, so we determined to cut off them around the circle to try again. They stopped as they witnessed us, however they still gave a hello which was our hint which they didn't mind us checking them out to us. We travelled over to them to see how nice they really were. As we were which made the connection we hoped these were were laid-back for. We got them to return for some after workout refreshment time. They jumped in the bathroom and caught us peeping on them, but they only had grins for us. It was time for the soiree to begin. James and Renato rubbed them down and got they loosened up for a real hot work out. Their fit figures that are hot were something different, and they only loved all the focus. There is nothing nothing beats the summer joy and sexy girls that love to fuck around.