Rough romp in a stranger's car

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Description: Vulnerable young Pearl was on her way takes a turn that is wrong and now she's misplaced. Babe's panicking. Girl hasn't noticed anyone 's been walking all day and is not from the area. Luckily, if slut needs help, the motorist and a white vehicle tactics halts to see. Where the taco shop is he understand. Babe'll do something to make it. He agrees to help and slut gets in. They speak for awhile, however he eventually gets right down to business. If she wants a rail, girl finer be willing to hand over her tacos that are pink. Girl doesn't know although red tacos are, but realizes briefly enough with cable bondage, dominance, SADISM & MASOCHISM, deep throat BJ hook-up, all outside. He even has a basement with fuck-fest playthings to get a sub work out.
Models: Mia Pearl