Results to your own deeds

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Description: Missing school has a price and Elektra learned what the cost was the only method we understand THE WAY THE HARD APPROACH! Her step-father arrived home from work because he left a critical folder at house and begged his supervisor to postpone their company meeting for as long as you possibly can. Picture his surprise, and frustration, when he went in to find Elektra chilling on the sofa watching TV as an alternative to studying. Her stepdad is fresh to this household but hes not likely to let her walk all over him and it was time to mitt out some punishment! Can you think that Elektra was giggling while he was trying to discipline her? He caught her and this pissed off him even mo-Re and pushed her down to her legs where he shoved his solid weenie and down her facehole to make her gag! Following a spanking that was good he penetrated his stepdaughters tight take and Elektra could simply look-back and ponder what kind of punishment this was! After and face and Elektras mouth were drenched with cum, slut was commanded to drink it all and slut realized that maybe getting punished by her stepdad is nt bad.
Models: Elektra