Pink bikini beauty

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Description: Khloe Kapri has one creepy slimeball of a stepbrother. He is such a sick pervert that he obsesses over her and takes pictures and videos of her nude. It’s totally perverted, but who could fault him? To say Khloe Kapri is stunning is an understatement. She has a perfect body, hot little racing stripe, and perfectly shaped pussy. Her stepbrother’s perversion drives him to confront her and confess he loves spying on her and taking nude pictures of her. Khloe is offended and disgusted when she sees his photos of her and asks why he wants pussy pics of his stepsister. This doesn’t stop his photographing her or listening to her moan as she masturbates in the shower. His advances continue as he walks into Khloe’s room and offers her a massage with babyoil. She says okay and that she’ll even take off her shorts. She is laying there in hot pink high cut panties. Her panties soak up some oil and become translucent, showing off her hot ass crack. Soon, she removes her top and her stepbrother massages her mostly naked body. He rubs and strokes every part of her that he can. Later he threatens to expose her pictures to everyone. He tells her if she doesn’t want anyone to know, she knows what she needs to do. This stuck up hot stepsister has to get on her knees and smoke cock. She then is coerced into fucking him and does so wildly. He smacks her ass while she is in reverse cowboy and then fucks her in various positions. She gets her to suck him off in the shower, but she is reluctant to take his cum on her face or mouth. See how it ends. It’s pretty fucking awesome.
Models: Khloe white