Peeing four way

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Description: Feisty coed Kirsten h as consistently adored lollipop. She simply can't seem to get enough. When roomie and her companion has gone out shopping for the afternoon, Kirsten takes advantage of the reality that Jessica's beau is here stringing up out. It's not nearly possible to reject her very own want to talk about two hard cocks simultaneously. But points are slightly embarking when Jessica arrives home unexpectedly to fever up. A sensing of arousal briefly replaces a short moment of envy and shock. In the end, when she might only participate in the fun, why get furious? The damsels determine to put on a show for his or her folks, drenching each other in clean gold piss. It does not take lengthy before the guys can no longer hold back and shortly perceive their swollen shafts absorbed in mouths that are moist, thirsty. Both boys are glutton for their turn to shower these naughty femmes with rivulets of hot urine and shortly there is really much of it going that it-no longer issues who this handle that is gold is coming from. Raw faceholes swap fountains of clean pee. Swollen, fucked beavers get filled with exploding rivulets of pee. As well as the piss caring 4some keeps right on going until both nymphs are completely fucked in all crevasses and every inch is dripping with their beloved fluid.
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