Passing of the torch

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Description: Savana has noticed her stepson take a liking to the girl hes been tutoring. Its obvious shes attracted to him also, so Savana pulls him to the side to investigate. Turns out her son always thinks about this girl naked and is just too nervous to ever make the move. Savana suggests that her baby boy needs a release. She starts by showing him her tits, then slowly places his hand on his pants. She instructed him on how to masturbate, which might do away with some of the tension hes been feeling. Just before he was about to finish, mommy sent him to his room since she definitely did not want a mess in the kitchen! Over the next few days, he has totally forgotten about Emma and cant stop thinking about his stepmom. He snuck into her room to sniff and jack off with her panties. Savana got home early, so he ran into the closet and continued to spy and pleasure himself. Little did he know his stepmom knew he was hiding, and she called him out. At this point, she stressed how he needs to get laid by an actual girl, and gave him one final blowjob to boost his confidence. It was all up to him now. Finally, Savana initiated her sons first sexual experience with a real girl. She invited Emma over for a pool day, but her son was not ready at all. He was sitting in the living room with a huge stiffy that got revealed to the girls. Instead of laughing at him, they embraced it. Step mommy and Emma took turns blowing and riding his cock, turning him from a boy to a man in less than an hour. Watching them both become facialized with his cum was not only a confidence builder, but a big boost in motivation to get some pussy again as soon as possible!!!
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Models: Emma white