My sis's beautiful girl/girl buddy

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Description: Bree has become friends using a budding photographer, who's invited her to pose along with her sista Sara for a shoot. Constantly forgetful, the photographer had to produce a journey to the store and will be gone some time. Alone in the facilities, start picking wardrobe for the shoot and both versions decide to make the finest of it. They equally can't help but find the big difference in their pot sizes Bree may want to wear one of her boulder-holders when Sara proposes. You see Bree has big natural breasts, which small-breasted Sara continues to be looking at all-along. When Bree asks if whore would like a better look then a feel, one thing leads to another, and eventually the fucktoys are out, the lamps have shoved to the side, and both of these stunners are tonguing, frolicking, and finger-tickling each other to orgasm after orgasm. That's till Sara's sis comes back...