Mother that is flexible

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Description: I and Ficus were in the mall buying for a couple of things and Tara walking by us with her husband was seen by us. I dont understand if any one of you guys remember her from the pizza joint... you know the one who was a meat lover. Anyway girl motioned us to keep things quiet by putting her index finger and recognized it had been us. I determined to push my luck and face them only to see how she would handle the position that was awkward. We welcomed each other and everything was going great in the beginning but then he realized the Sean whore kept texting was ME... THE MILF HUNTER. He stormed away and went ape shit. I took her home that was back to console her albeit babe seemed more loosened than anything. I wasnt about to avoid this good acrobatic gal just because his feelings were hurt which I pleased her far nicer than he can ever.
Models: Tara