Logistics ;

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Description: Working at an import/export logistics company with customers in Germany means that Mick has to reach on the phones early to work. Planning to create his first day at work an excellent one, he is brought coffee by coworker Ann, then sits down and begins looking at him. Discontinuing his dialogue to see if anything is needed by her whore waves him away, but keeps sitting. Finally he cuts his call short can not go anymore, and requests her if he will help her with anything. Babe says that the call looked intense, and that he seems a little stressed. Massaging his shoulders a bit, he attempts to get back to work, and starts to get jumpy, but she isn't having it. Do not stress she states, it's 6:30 in the morning and they've got the whole office themselves Why not commence his new job with a few morning fucky-fucky? May seem like a fine begin to the day. If only he knew that whore is actually his boss!