Lia was curiously attracted to the mother of Mark

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Description: Lia Seth, were doing research for an article which was due the next day. They soon realized that they were missing a publication that featured vital information needed to finish it. Fortunately, Seth's friend Mark had a duplicate of the publication. Mark lived an hour away and after comforting Lia by reassuring her that his stepmom was really cool, Seth went to pick it up. Lia was peculiarly attracted Brandi, to Mark step mom, so slut crept around the mansion searching for her. She wished to get glance of the amazing hardbody of Brandi but her plan went awry when babe walked in the master bathroom and was caught redhanded with a nude horny step mom who loves youthfull twat. Whore was cut off mid-sentence and pounced on by Brandi although Lia attempted to come up with a reason why whore was in the bathroom when there were three toilets. Lia declared while babe was getting her pretty coochie fondled that girl was brought to elderly girls. Brandi had Lia under and wet her finish control so she started tongue fucking her and took her into the room. Brandi was caught with her tongue in the tight asshole of Lia by her stepson who was in total shock. She immediately grabbed him and told him to man-up, join the joy or leave. He joined girl friend and his stepmom in an all-out orgy briefly after Seth comprehended that he was introduced with the chance of a very long time.