Keeps on giving

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Description: Kalisy, a hot Russian babe with long, sun-streaked brunette hair, is wrapping a sexy gift: a slinky scarlet silk nightdress, a black lace blindfold (that she playfully tries on), and black satin ribbons. Even fresh-faced and dressed simply in jeans and a khaki T-shirt, she's a long-legged perfect 10. While she's securing the gift box with shiny black tape, her horny mind begins to wander and she takes off her top to reveal small but perfect breasts. She wraps lengths of tape under her globes and over her shoulders like a kinky peekaboo bra that leaves her tits bare. Next, after stroking her pussy through her tiny white lace thong, she strips naked and fashions a tape garter belt around her thighs and waist. Sitting splay-legged on a chair, she drapes more tape over her slit, stroking herself through the thin black material, but soon her fingers are deep inside her naked, shaved pussy. She bends over the chair, offering up an incredible rear view, moaning and stretching up on tiptoe as her pleasure builds. Then, back in her seat as she gets closer to cumming, she plunges her fingers deep into her slurping-wet pussy and her moans become whimpers as she glides them over her clit. Her head thrown back, spasms of ecstasy shake her body as she orgasms. Finally, as she returns to reality, she leaves the room, clutching the gift and with the tape still wrapped around her beautiful body...
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