January Seraph maid him do it

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Description: I wager this dream roleplay upgrade is not far from dreams you have had. Let's face it, lots people have thought of being controlled by our assistant or in this maid! Russo can't help and has one to many martinis but picture what it'd be like if January Seraph, his maid, put him in his place for his mistakes, vices and most of his wandering eyes. Adam is made to idolize boots and feet subsequently has his nuts pinned and measured. January caned and dishes some cock and ball torture out with cock flicking then the flagellated of Adam. He is made to gobble deep into the booty of January then strapon bootie thumped. His man sausage is used by January for her satisfaction by riding his penis to orgasm subsequently destroying his with a distressing post orgasmic stroke and chaining him to the sofa. Was this all-in Adam 's head or did January simply take advantage of Adam in his state?
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