It looks like Havoc excited than these two

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Description: On this particular sequence of Money Talks, we're jiggling our bum to the music by playing a little game where we pay a chick to stick the worlds smallest mp3 player in her butt, then have folks off the road put headphones on and name the the song coming out of her backside. Then we pay a fiery crimson head to receive an atomic thong compliments of her companion. After Mayhem, that and the Money Talks crew, accompany Jmac to the university book store to get him ready for the fall term. Fortunate for you we are consistently currently rolling and we discovered a few school kids prepared to do something to make a buck. One boy consents to get slammed in the face with a big caboose text book and his pal consents to step into our car and get a fine handjob from his girlfriend. The skimpy guy could get his spear hard, therefore we sweetened the deal for his great rump lady friend by having her Jmac and kicked out him. This vignette is so hot that Havoc gives a fine tug job to Jmac and joins the act. You dont need to lose this one.
Models: Tiffany Rose