His wish come true

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Description: Blake has been an aficionado of Love for as lengthy as he is able to remember. As a matter of fact, Blake may be one of Isis Love aficionados. He's been following her on Fellows In Ache. Blake contacted me pleading to serve Goddess Isis. I toyed with him and eventually determined to toss a a dog to find out what the results are. Blake's dreams come true being able to idolize his queen for a day that is full. By cleaning them with his tongue he is made to idolize her black leather boots that were tall. She sits on his face managing every breath he takes with vag and her bum. He's strike with the cat o' nine tails, strap-on caboose fucked and utilized as a lovemaking toy. Goddess Isis gets her's some way but Blake can hardly control himself when his schlong is employed for the fulfillment of the slit of Queen Isis and he blows his fountain deep inside her. Rest assured this pussyboy is penalized!
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