Her own needs are fulfilled by huge-chested Physician

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Description: Skimpy Tony, all he needed was a simple checkup on a prior back injury. It ought to happen to be ordinary: move in, watch for the physician, have some x rays shot, ideally receive the good news that everything has healed and be on his happy way. Sadly for him nothing actually works that plain when you come into the world of the Milf. The visit commenced off pleasant: he signs in takes a chair and views the lovely Sienna. They exchange looks, they grin, and then he gets called in to observe a doctor. To date so good. Then the nurse that is perverted is found by him from hell who for some reason has this desire to stick her two frigs utter of Vaseline saying its program for the check up. Which is strange seeing as he is here to check up on a back injuries. Fortunately the doctor comes in before this insane nurse may have her way with Tony that is scanty. He is told by the doctor they are heading to attend and to prep the x ray machine and be individual. Meanwhile, Sienna has been thinking about Tony and has come up with her own little plot to ruin his visit to the physician to fulfill her own wants. That pesky nurse and oh returns to cause some more difficulty at the same time.
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Models: Sienna West