Found fucked and creamed

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Description: The subjugation of this week takes the style of GF Payback to an entire new level. Normally, it is the guys who get revenge on their ex-girlfriends by posting movies of them that they would be embarrassed by and absolutely ashamed. But this week's subjugation is merely the reverse and albeit it had been submitted to with zero description, our alluring submitter sums up the entire reason for producing this inexperienced orgy tape in the first couple of seconds. Obviously, Steve fucked up bad. He pissed off his gf with some or Sext, messages that got her utter warm and searching for payback. Turns out as one of them literally jumps on the chance to have fuck with his friend's girl friend that David buddies are not quite loyal. To be completely fair, I think it is possible to declare that girl had previously made her mind up about dumping Steve before creating the flick, but filming yourself having hump with your beau's best friend only to get back at him... Now, that is not hot.
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