Dame likes cash and enormous manstick

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Description: You ever smelled a delicious fart. Well here on Moneytalks we attempt to do that. A freshner that was fart has been invented by us and Chaos is on Venice beach paying victims to test outside it. On to the munchies, Chaos is in a parking lot looking to pay anyone to make a burger that is vaggie. We pay this one boy to keep coming back to our van and make his own cooter burger with all and condiments. For the main flash we're fishing for titties in our bait and tackle store. We have customers displaying titties, eating live shrimp and putting fish down their trousers for the money. Kaila likes cash as well-but there's something slut loves a bit more. She open as-hell and walks as a button in ultra-cute. We offer the scoop to her and she has no issue fucking for money. Slut enjoys Jmac so we now have a two for one special, and whore enjoys dick. Observe as Kaila gets reeled in and slips our lads stick up and down.
Models: Master baiter