Creating a sale

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Description: Levi called me over to some shop where he was completing for a pal who had to abandon for a few type of a crisis. I was loath to dangle out at some lame store all day when he mentioned how many hot dolls kept coming by to search, but my interest piqued. As soon as I got there I was about to leave in looking for a few sexy panties on her guy, when Rosey strolled and got bored. Girl was immediately drawn to Levi and asked him if it would attempt on on her since her hubby was more or less the same size and assemble. I guess Levi dreamed to produce a sale because he went and attempted it on for her and babe peaked into the switching room right in the middle of all of it. He came out, she made him strut his stuff and essentially threw caution to the wind by having her way with Levi then and right there. Slut just couldn't pass up the opportunity to be with some dude so much more sexy than her husband. Her words, not mine.
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Models: Rosey