Cat produces her stream of piss...

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Description: High, long-legged porn queen cat Jane returns from work using a bladder that's about ready. The sole issue is, the toilet has already been occupied by Kitty's beautifully tempting roomie. Not attempting to earth Kitty's fresh skirt, cat hikes it up around her mid-body in preparation for a bathroom that is free. But when Paula ultimately comes from the restroom, cat bald pussy's view fills her head with a few quite horny pics. Slut's not about to let cat off-the-hook so easily. Paula drops to Kitty's knees right there in the foyer, encouraging Kitty to release her stream of urinate... around Paula's thirsty tongue! As the pair strips down to nothing but their black lace tights, hot piss embarks to flow loosely, leaving the fans' skin glossy like gold that is liquid. A strong massager gets urine and muff jizz flow like never before, as the couple that is dirty goes to the the sack. Paula and Kitty keep right-on going until both girls are fully sated and overwhelmed with ecstasy.
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