Britt Linn in erotic posing

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Description: Playmate Britt Linn gets up-close and very, extremely individual in this enticing video from Playboy. Unapologetically initial and delightful, Britt is a normal as our March center fold - therefore natural that you'd will never understand this is her first naked pictorial. "Playmate didn't understand what to anticipate," whore states. "You embark out in lingerie, and you also take off one piece at a moment - and before you realize it, you're dollar bare!" Britt's oneofakind shoot included a vehicle, a vintage harley davidson as well as a dark, resort room that was smoky - all accompanied perfectly by her character. Perhaps appropriately, our Miss March's initial Playboy magazine was located by she on the road's side. "Some furious girlfriend very likely put it out the window," babe says, giggling. "But yeah, which was my very first one. Since then, I have dreamed of becoming a Playmate. I remember seeing an available cast on girls next-door, wishing that I really could be there - and now I'm here! It's therefore crazy!" Just crazy enough to work - with her beautiful body and delightfully open-mind, then witnessed no reasons why it wouldn't. "The biggest misconception about then is that I'm daunting," claims Britt. "That is so foolish - Britt'm the goofiest individual actually. There is nothing daunting about me - but I must say, I have a really fine donk!"
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