A man gets his ass fucked by three nymphs

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Description: This update is fantasy play on gender roles. Nikko Alexander makes his debut with three of the baddest bitches around, Maitresse Madeline and Bobbi Starr. The bitches really are part of a femdom society who seek folks to use for pleasure and their particular entertainment. Nikko is of special interest to the bitches because they got word he's not two but THREE nut! He is abducted by the bitches off the road and bring him back to their gang leader in their hideout. He's set in bondage, spanked, whipped, pinned, humiliated, suffers cock ball torture subsequently tested for three balls! Nikko is a one that is feisty but once Madeline claims his 3rd ball he is rendered helpless and the bitches utilize the remainder of the day milking all three balls to discover in fact if a man with three balls creates more cum than the average-joe! Way of a strapon bum fucking milks his prostate while adoring twat and bootie. He's made to keep a rock-hard meatpipe until he cannot take his prostate longer and blows his blast subsequently has it abasingly pawed all and kept down!