A Friendly Massage

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Description: Everything commences using a knock at the door. Paige Ashley finds a man on the porch that is hiding from law enforcement and answers it. Rather than sit and chat, while he waits for the policemen to leave, girl determines to suggest him a total service massage. Having a hot blonde undress you, what nicer approach to elude the po-po than, provide you with a shower that is warm and suck on your chisel in the bathtub! One of the specific moves of Paige is sitting on one leg as she is leisurely shagged. We get our camera's upward close to the out and in, giving you an amazing view of her taut cootchie. She is being so into the guy fucked by Paige girl cums on his schlong in the pleasure button rubdown he could be giving her. Then it's off to the rubdown mat to get a body that is full on assets oil grope down including plenty of tit and gash caressing.