A fine get excursion away

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Description: Juan came over to pick up Chloe because they had a nice get tour planned away. He was informed by her it wasnot going to occur. Juan's dad grounded her in college for lousy grades and was home. Juan pleaded his case for her tenderness and begged. Chloe snuck out the window against the will of her dad's and broke down. They were on their way as Chloe got into a playful disposition. Her dad flashed and reached around to get a hold of his hard-on. He could not think of anything else but fucking her cock-squeezing assets and pulling over, after her mouth was packaged around his cock. Her dad found a lil got the main road about, so popped open the trunk and secluded spot off it. She laid back as Juan got her twat leaped commenced with his tongue. Another round was got by her on his cock before it slipped in damp box. They continued to fuck each while traffic was not to remote. After a few places in her tight beaver, her dad unloaded in her mouth and around her face which oozed down onto her chest and got up. He created a mess of the's face, but it was nevertheless adored by her.
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